My art is a gift that allows me to experience the creative process. This process is my path to self-discovery. My paintings are merely the product of that journey and process.

I would prefer my art not be logically analyzed and dissected; it should be taken in as a whole and allowed to bring up emotion in the viewer rather than making a particular statement. My goal is to enforce the ancient idea that art is essential to the growth and spirituality of society. My art does not adhere to any one religion or philosophy, it is meant to allow the viewer to expand their consciousness and help discover their own spiritual path.

I do not logically plan out my paintings, I start with an initial inspiration, a color or a symbol for example, and from there it's almost like channeling. I call it "intuitive," but basically it's tapping into the creative force and letting it flow. It's as if creating opens up the soul and lets in some divine magical energy. There is a spark, a connection, a feeling almost like being in love.

Creating art is amazing, to make something from nothing, seemingly out of thin air. It is like magic. Artists are magicians. They give people the ability to believe in beauty, even when there is pain and ugliness in the world. All I wish for, when people view my art, is that they open their hearts and feel it. One of my favorite quotes is by the artist Claude Monet. He said, "Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love." Art created in this context does more than just simply reinforce the current condition of the culture; it makes a positive and uplifting contribution to society.

I work mostly with acrylic paint. I also use collage to add texture and depth. Often I will use torn paper first, apply that to the canvas, gesso over it and then begin a painting. Other materials I utilize are gold leaf, fabric, especially kimono fabric and paper with text or calligraphy. I don't believe in using tools such as rulers or templates, I prefer objects fall into place naturally where they may and not be forced by the rules of measuring. Imperfections are what make things unique and beautiful.


Some of my inspiration comes from, Eastern and Asian art, cave paintings, graffiti, Japanese Anime, children's fairy tales, symbols, tarot, tattoo art, magic and dreams.

My paintings have been shown and collected in NY, LA, SF, Santa Barbara, Tokyo, Miami, Phoenix, Portland and Seattle.



Art by 

Diana Comstock

Original Mixed Media Paintings and Prints

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