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This painting came about intuitively. I knew I wanted to do a series of sea life, but the Chakras seemed to add themselves to the mix. Sometimes the story of the painting does not reveal itself until it's complete. Even then, the story can be different to each viewer.


When the Sacral Chakra opens, we experience sensations and the pleasures of physical, emotional, and spiritual aspects of life. It brings out creativity by reaching the vast depths of our subconscious mind.


Likewise, the Octopus can symbolize deep emotions as the Octopus lives in the vast depths of the sea.


Water energy is also associated with the Sacral Chakra, as with the Octopus.


The water element is all about flow, flexibility and freedom of expression when it comes to emotions and sensuality.


Perhaps this painting will bring out it's own deep meaning in you.



Acrylic, mixed media on canvas




Sacral Chakra Octopus

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